Joeli Brearley

JB and Theo

Joeli Brearley is the founder of Pregnant Then Screwed. She is also mother to Theodore, Project Manager at FutureEverything and Director of the CultureCode Initiative. She considers herself very fortunate to now work for a really supportive company. You can contact her direct on or follow her on Twitter @Joeli_Brearley or you can read her blog here:

Fiona Chow

Fiona Chow

Fiona Chow is a proud (and only slightly competitive) mother to Maximus and a communications expert with 15 years experience of public relations, campaigning and brand building. After being made redundant during her maternity leave she set up her own consulting firm, Goadi Consulting which allows her to work flexibly and only for companies that are worth sacrificing time with her family for. She is passionate about the pregnantthenscrewed cause, seeing it as an opportunity to turn her negative experience into a positive outcome for the thousands of women who suffer maternity related discrimination every year. Fiona channels the many media enquiries for the campaign and works with the team to respond to them.
You can contact her on

Anna Granta

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Anna Granta is a mum, programmer and tutor. She has worked with many different programming languages from C to JS. Most of all she loves talking to people, understanding their problems and finding solutions.

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