Women all over the world are being discriminated against from the point they get pregnant, crushing their confidence and stagnating their careers. We want to generate a public debate about why this is happening and what the impact is on women, on the economy and on society as a whole.

We also believe that it is a fundamental human right that parent’s should be able to be there for their child’s first few months. This is beneficial to the health of the care-giver and their baby. We are therefore supporting the campaign ‘Pledge Parental Leave

If you are a company that pledges to offer your employees:
3 months fully paid leave for the main care giver
3 months full medical insurance
6 months guaranteed position

Then become a founding member of ‘Pledge’

If you care about women’s rights and want to be part of a community looking to tackle pregnancy and maternity discrimination head on, then subscribe to Pregnant Then Screwed by entering your details below.

Thanks ever so much.

Joeli, Pregnant Then Screwed founder

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