I was refused a promotion as I wanted to take my 16 weeks of FMLA

I applied to another position internally while I was pregnant. The people I would be working with for the new position were extremely supportive and floored to hear I might be working with them. Similarly the hiring manager liked me becauseI helped him get out of a very bad situation that almost cost him a job. However, this hiring manager is older and has no kids. When we discussed the timing for me joining the role, he asked about my maternity leave plans. I told him I planned to take my 16 weeks of FMLA. Then he basically said that because I’d be away for 4 months, this job wasn’t a slam dunk and he’d have to think about what’s best for the team. I think one of his statements even proceeded with the phrase “stop me if this illegal.” I ended up not getting the role. What the hiring manager did was illegal but I decided not to pursue because I thought it’d hurt my career more than help it in the end. I didn’t think I’d be able to continue at the company if I sued. And I truly believe other employers would not want me if I had taken that kind of legal action. This is the world we live in. Legal protections exist but the corporate culture does not. I love how the millennial generation is forcing companies to handle work life balance differently. I sincerely hope my daughter never experiences this.

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