They forced me out of my job the day before I was supposed to return

I had a rough pregnancy. I had round ligament pain. It was hard for me to get up and down. I brought in a doctors note. My job still gave me a hard time. Twice I pushed myself too hard and ended up in the hospital. Another time I had a uti and my job would not let me leave until I could find coverage even though there were people there that could’ve covered me. Two days later I went into premature labor and had my daughter three weeks early. She is healthy and doing great but I do believe the behaviour of my employers caused me to go into labour early and it could have been a very different story. After my daughter was born I spoke to my employer several times to let them know I would be taking 12 weeks off, coming back to work on November 21. They Tried to scare me into not taking 12 weeks, questioning if I would be able to afford that time off. The day before I was to return to work I received a text message from my manager stating I would have to report to a different branch 40 minutes away from the branch I currently worked at. The location I worked at before going on maternity leave was five minutes from my home which made it easier for childcare. I knew with having a newborn and another child I cannot be away 40 minutes because my husband did not get home till late at night so there would be no childcare coverage for me. They forced me out of my job the day before I was supposed to return so I had not planned financially to be out of work they could’ve let me know that they had planned on doing this at least a week or two before my returning so now I am currently unemployed and do not have a Financial plan in place.

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