A pregnant carpenter’s apprentice who was too much of a health and safety risk

I was a carpenter apprentice working at a fabrication company and the day I found out i was pregnant i told my boss. A week later i was called in to the supervisors office. I was being written up for “performance issues” and my boss flat out told me my job performance had decreased since i had gotten pregnant. I later talked to his supervisor and i told him being in this male dominant job i understood their concern because they had never dealt with a pregnant carpenter before but my doctor had already ok’d me working there as long as i was taking the necessary precautions and i was. And i had asked if i was at risk for layoffs and he told me no i was not one of the ones being considered for layoffs. A couple weeks later they were doing a round of layoffs because business was slowing down due to holidays and surprise surprise I was one of the first to be let go. I was going to get a lawyer but i figured i didn’t have a case since i didn’t have any witnesses to what my boss had said and the fact that i was laid off at the same time as several others.

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