But the bullying came back with a vengeance when I announced to her that I was pregnant

I took a position as a counsellor at a local community college and thought it would be a family-friendly workplace. It turned out to be nothing more than an abusive nightmare. Six months into working at this place I started facing bullying from my supervisor who would threatened to fire me just for questioning her. The bullying subsided for a few months as I tried to avoid her as much as possible and perform all the random assignments that she gave only me in the office. But the bullying came back with a vengeance when I announced to her that I was pregnant and could not trek back and forth between two buildings every day as I had done before. I requested to stay in my original office which was in a counselling centre with five other colleagues for three days and then report to the other building two days instead. She then made the determination that I must move out of my original office and go to the other building full-time. I was worried because the other building was not equipped with any supplies, had no secretary and my office was located in a secluded area in the building. I requested these things but was denied. Later I was written up and fired for going to an event on campus, which was a part of my job, and leaving early after I requested time off in advance. According to the write up I was supposed to close the building or notify the public safety department that I was leaving. No other person in the whole college has this responsibility but it was her excuse to justify firing me pregnant. But she called me into a meeting before the write up and told me that she didn’t want me out of my office at all because it gave a bad perception that I wasn’t doing my work. I complained in the meeting of being discriminated against and feeling stressed while pregnant. She played it off as if she too faced unfair treatment. After she fired me I contacted all the administration including the union but no one did anything but agree with the firing. The Title IX office was supposedly investigating my claim but I expect no outcome. In the meantime since state jobs are required to notify employees so early about their firing I have plenty of time to find a job somewhere else- that time factor is the only family-friendly policy this place has.

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