A week after surgery I got a certified letter that told me I was “laid off”

I worked for a not for profit for 14 years. It primarily dealt with environmental education and the propagation and rehabilitation of birds of prey. I had started as an intern, and had been steadily promoted until I was in charge of behind the scenes operations as director of animal management and I picked up a staff of the year award.

I got married and a year later I was pregnant. I told the powers that be I was pregnant at 9 weeks. I also started making plans for maternity leave and coming back to work. All of my promotions hadn’t included raises, I made less than 19,000 a year U.S. I told them I couldn’t afford to come back full time. We had a meeting when I was 5 months pregnant and outlined and agreed on a part time

Fast forward to 3 days before maternity leave. I found out I also had a cyst that would be surgically removed 8 weeks after I gave birth (it turned out to be 10 pounds) extending the time off I needed. My boss came in and said that part time wouldn’t “work” for them, it was come back full time or nothing.

To cut a long story short, I had a vaginal delivery and the surgery. A week after surgery I got a certified letter that told me I was “laid off”.

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