While I was still on maternity disability leave, they eliminated my position and laid me off

I had a high legal position at a US company before I became pregnant. I was
promoted and given raises and bonuses regularly. I was praised for my good work,
friendly attitude, and the executives liked my ivy-league educational background.
My boss often told me that they were grooming me to take over her role (the
senior-most legal position). When I got pregnant and ready to take maternity
leave, I spent months transitioning my work to the “temporary lawyer” (a childless
male) who was going to be taking over my position on a temporary basis while I was
on leave. After I had my baby and was ready to return from leave, I had medical
complications that required me to return to work with some physical restrictions.
HR did not let me return to work. They told me to stay on disability leave rather
than return with any restrictions. Then, while I was still on maternity
disability leave, they eliminated my position and laid me off. (As I knew from my
own work in the legal department, “position elimination” was a
cover-your-legal-ass way to lay people off when you were worried that they might
sue you.) Lo and behold, for the 6 months after they “eliminated” my position,
they continued to employ the temporary guy who was hired for my maternity leave.
Then they hired him into my former position, which had supposedly been
eliminated. At the time they “eliminated” my position, they also eliminated the
positions of every other female at the company who was on maternity or disability
leave. There were a few of us. Oh, and they eliminated the entire legal
department (all women), or else they would have been told by us that what they
were doing was clearly illegal and discriminatory. I would’ve sued, but instead I
threatened to sue and reached a monetary settlement.

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