Employment was terminated when 6 months pregnant

I had been working at the hospital for just over 17 years when I found out I was
pregnant. There was only one person who had seniority over me in my department,
and I was making $32,000 a year. I was in my late 30’s, had a history of high
blood pressure, and had been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 just a few months
before – so I was a high risk pregnancy. And I was exhausted…couldn’t sleep
enough. Every time my supervisors asked how I was feeling, I was honest and told
them how tired I was because if anything happened I didn’t want them to say they
didn’t know.
> December 2013, six months into my pregnancy, I was called down to HR. My
supervisors and a union steward were sitting around a table. My employment was
being terminated, due to me sleeping on the job. One of my supervisors claims she
saw me with my eyes closed and head down, and not responding to the phone ringing
beside me. The union steward asked if I had sleep apnea- yes, and I wear a
c-pap. I signed my papers, was escorted to collect my belongings, and shown the
> My boyfriend immediately took me to the union office for help, but in the end they
did nothing for me. The one meeting that I had with the union and the hospital,
the HR director argued that I violated the drug-free policy by not notifying my
supervisors that I was taking prescription medications. The co-workers that I
worked the closest and thought I had a great relationship with stabbed me in the
back multiple times by saying I had a history of falling asleep.
> I did end up winning both of my unemployment hearings. The supervisor who
reported me never checked to see if I was okay – she says she spoke in a loud
voice and I woke up. Let me clarify this: I worked in a hospital emergency room,
was found unresponsive at my desk while 6 months pregnant, and my supervisor was
on her way to a meeting and in too big of a hurry to make sure I was okay…and I
was the one who got fired.
> After my daughter was born, I couldn’t file or collect unemployment for 10 weeks
because I was technically unable to work due to complications.
> September 2014, one month after my unemployment ran out, I was hired by a big box
retailer. I’m happy here, but I’ll be lucky to make $19,000 this year.

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