I was told to clear my desk and that my position was terminated

I worked for a local newspaper in Ohio when I found out I was pregnant. I pushed myself as a reporter and as my pregnancy progressed, I started having complications like swelling. In one weekend, my doctor had me go on bed rest and I lost six pounds of fluid. That was when I was placed on bed rest and was unable to return to work. It was less than two months before my due date. I received short term disability while off and when I gave birth, it turned into an emergency c-section. As with most c-sections, I was off work for eight weeks after birth. When I informed my boss, I told him that perhaps I could work part time for a couple of weeks and then transition back into full time at 8 weeks. I was told that they couldn’t possibly not have a full time reporter for two more weeks, even though they had already gone for 3 months, and I was told to clear my desk and that my position was terminated. Then when I tried to get unemployment, I had to fight for three months and deal with several appeals before I got unemployment. All of the newspapers in surrounding counties are owned by the same company, and I haven’t been able to get a full time job since 2012. I started tutoring and substituting, but have not had the stability of a full time job for three years.

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