Maternity Leave Benefits: What Companies Don’t Want Women to Know

Do you think it should be easier to find out employers’ maternity leave policies?

Most women we’ve surveyed at Fairygodboss say that fear of pregnancy discrimination, and/or negative judgments in the workplace prevent them from asking about maternity leave benefits before accepting a new job. We even hear that women who are currently employed find it confusing and difficult to find this information from their own HR departments! According to our research, only 5% of the Fortune 100 companies share this information on their websites, even though other benefits information is widely shared.

We believe women should be armed with better information. If companies aren’t willing to share it, women can help each other by sharing their experiences and information. This week, Fairygodboss released the first publicly available, searchable database of maternity leave benefits that is based on crowdsourced information from our community:

The more people contribute tips about their employers’ policies, the better this database will be. You can also use the database to negotiate for better leave. We know of at least one woman who convinced her employer to evaluate why their policies were behind their main competitor’s, using the information on our site!

Please share with women who are looking for new jobs while pregnant (or planning to become pregnant soon), or simply interested in finding women-friendly employers with great benefits!

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