I was left unemployed with 40,000 in medical bills just for my daughter

I was working for a non profit organization with locations throughout Illinois. They were great during my pregnancy, allowing me to flex time and take time off last minute when I had to get monitored. One week and one day before I was supposed to go on maternity leave I was laid off. They said that it was due to budget issues and they let others go as well (others who had recently had to take fmla and short term disability). My husband had been let go a month prior so here I was, ready to have a baby with nothing more than unemployment payments (which I couldn’t collect during the 6 weeks from having my daughter to getting cleared to return to work). I was told that I would have insurance through the end of the month. I had my child before that but they refused to add her to the insurance leaving me unemployed with 40,000 in medical bills just for my daughter. To make things worse, I was offered my job back twice and had that offer pulled for various reasons on their end. Now we are having to leave pretty much everything and everyone to move to another state where I have more job opportunities.

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