I was 17 and not educated enough to know what was happening, so Idid nothing about it

I was 17 and pregnant working 2 part time jobs just to pay medical bills. I had started working through this hotel as a housekeeper in the summer of 2010. I found out I was pregnant and told the HR/management immediately. They then moved me to a front desk position. This hotel was seriously understaffed and poorly managed to begin with so they were giving me full time hours that messed with my schooling and my other part time job which I had made clear was a priority. I started to have hyperemesis (a sever case of morning sickness that lasted for 12 weeks). I was dehydrated and on the brink of being hospitalized. I was having to call in sick on a few of my shifts because the nausea was so bad and because I didn’t want to go and have a mishap at work and have customers/guests uncomfortable. I offered to bring Dr’s notes explaining and excusing the absences but the manager told me that it wouldn’t be necessary. Then I called on a shift because my boyfriend at the time was going to take me into the ER to get an IV done. It was Christmas eve and I alerted the management staff well before my scheduled shift what was going on and that I was not going to be able to make it. The next day she brought me into her office and had me sign a voluntary resignation form stating that I was voluntarily quitting due to “unforeseen” circumstances. So unprofessional and because I was 17 and not educated enough to know what was happening, did nothing about it. Horrible experience that to this day makes me very frightened to get pregnant while I’m employed.

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