Then it all came full circle “I was training my replacement”. My friend, my assistant, my new child-less “boss”

Shortly before getting married, I got my first adult job at the age of 21. It was a big name GM car dealership, it was I and one other girl in our department when I was hired, she was in school for law so about a year and a half after working there, she left to pursue her degree and I took over the department, promotion, raise, new office THE WORKS. Shortly after I took over construction on our entire building began, we were to move into a brand new, much much larger building within 6 months, my supervisor and I thought it was the perfect time to re-design and re-direct our entire vision of my new department. I hired 4 employees to begin with, had hours and hours of meetings with my new team on new processes and new daily routines. I worked 60 hours a week, easily. I was truly obsessed with how my vision was coming alive and at 21 I felt powerful and loved that my voice was heard and respected. My last employee to hire to work beneath me as my secretary/assistant was my biggest mistake, the oldest one in the book, I took the plunge and hired a friend of mine. Things were wonderful, I was so proud of myself and so was my now- husband. Within the next few months I had found myself in meetings with all the big wigs in our brand new beautiful building, I also found myself pregnant. Up until this point my job was my baby, my work and department got all my nuturing. After not being able to put my exhaustion and nausea on the back burner, I told my boss, then my department. My news got brushed off as if it were going to effect anything. Over the course of the next 6 months, my ability to pull 14 hour shifts had slowed but my nausea and vomiting had not. That’s when I felt everything shift, my assistant started sitting in on my meetings and I was told to train her on my daily tasks. I started getting written up for things like having my foot up on the trash can and getting punished for not being at my desk because my bathroom breaks were “excessive”. Then it all came full circle “I was training my replacement”. My friend, my assistant, my new child-less “boss”. I was told that she was going to take over until after my maternity leave but what actually happened is they had her take over right before my eyes and after she had written me up 4 times for things out of my control, I finally got pulled into a meeting where all my superiors waited, including the owner on my company and my “former assistant”. In this meeting is where I was falsely accused of not following instructions and “causing problems” from my new replacement, and right then and there at 8.5 months pregnant I got thrown under the bus by a former friend and employee and fired by a company that I devoted hours and hours of my hard work. So there I was, pregnant, devastated, embarrassed, and SCREWED out of a job, 1/2 the income for my new life I had just entered. My next doctors visit my blood pressure was through the roof and my stress levels were outrageous.

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