We haven’t received anything indicating you were pregnant since April, for all we know you’re no longer pregnant

I work for one of the largest communication companies in the world, in which I have a “man’s job” that is very physically demanding: carrying things up to 80lbs, transporting 28ft ladders & climbing up and down them, going in crawl spaces, on your feet 8+ hours a day wearing a 20lb tool belt the entire time, you get the idea. I’m the only female in with this work position in the northern half of my state. When I found out I was pregnant I immediately told the doctor about my work duties, she wrote a note saying not to carry over 30lbs and to sit as needed (I also had morning sickness so bad I was essentially on bedrest for a month). I took this straight to my manager, and discovered “we no longer offer light duty” so I was told to apply for disability. I did. They denied it. I was told to apply for job accommodation. Denied. At one point I was told “we haven’t received anything indicating you were pregnant since April, for all we know you’re no longer pregnant.” Another representative implied the reason I was denied was they believed I just thought to work was “to hard” and didn’t want to do it while pregnant, even though these are all doctor advised restrictions. The company’s “disability doctor” has had phone conferences with TWO separate doctors of mine, agreed with the restrictions, and the company STILL denied it. I’m currently appealing the denial, however there wasn’t enough “medical evidence to support my claim” so I was told I essentially won’t even have a chance of getting approved until I pop out a baby. Not to mention that since April 2015 I haven’t been financially accommodated by the company and I won’t be until after the baby is born: due date Dec. 15, 2015, and when that finally happens it will only be half my normal pay, which is only slightly above minimum wage. I’m not permitted to get another job that meets my restrictions during ordeal or I’ll loose my health insurance, automatically be denied, and be fired. The ONLY reason I am not homeless is because my boyfriend took over ALL our finances, including all my medical premiums and bills, along with my family being extremely supportive throughout the whole ordeal. How does anyone prepare for a child under such stressful, financially distressed times?! I can’t even afford an attorny because I’ve drained my entire savings. The sad thing is I know of men I work with who have had similar doctor prescribed limitations and they were accommodated or their disability was approved with no issues, yet EVERY SINGLE THING my doctor says is challenged. I really hope this company gets what they deserve.

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