The United States and Swaziland; The Case for Paid Maternity Leave and Protection against Pregnancy Discrimination

”Pregnancy discrimination in the United States is viewed as a form of sex discrimination. The foundation of how sex and gender discrimination is viewed sheds light on how policies have developed nationwide. The United States has focused on making things between men and women “equal” instead of providing benefits to those who bear children. One of the realities of the very nature of pregnancy is that nothing will ever be “equal” because women are the only ones who become pregnant, and, even after childbirth, the majority of the work that is involved with raising a child falls on the woman whether she is working or not. First and foremost, the United States needs to stop viewing pregnancy as something that should be given “equal” rights and begin to see pregnancy and caring for a child as the unique situation that it is. The Supreme Court of the United States currently has a chance to do just that.”

By Kendall Shortway

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