When I go to the restroom I have to send an email when I leave and when I return

I am a City employee and have had the most stressful pregnancy. I am 31 weeks and I have worked full time for the City for the past 2 1/2 years. Since I told my manager that I was pregnant she has made it very clear that she is not happy about it. I have often questioned going through with the pregnancy because of how unhappy and depressed she has made me feel over the past few months. I never had an issue with her until I told her and since then I have been followed, harassed, written up and now I have been told that my work is below expectations. Followed, yes. When I go to the restroom (which I do maybe once a hour) she follows me. I walk out of the restroom or I am walking to my department and there she is. She says things like: ”really? again?” or simply sighs. She has sent me emails asking me to look around our office and compare myself to how often they use the restroom. No one else in our office is pregnant but she would like me to limit the amount of time I go. I now have a doctors note but that still doesn’t stop her. Harassed, Yes. I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant. Much less having a due date thanksgiving week. She told me that she was upset that I planned to have my baby around the holidays. Now she can’t have time off and she was planning on going out of town but she can’t because of my “condition”. The past 7 months she has called my pregnancy ‘a condition’. I feel offended by her saying that. I am not allowed to talk about my pregnancy without her getting upset. I was written up a couple of months ago for many things. What they wrote on the paper is not what they discussed with me in person. I was written up for many things actually. I was told that I am not allowed to eat snacks at my desk anymore. While the other people in our office can. I have to now take a 15 minute break. I also have to send her a message before I do and she seems to ignore that message all the time. While I sit at my desk hungry and upset. I watch other people around me eat snacks at there desks. I also got written up for solicitating on paper but when they talked to me about it, I told them I don’t talk to anyone when I use the restroom and asked if they had proof. They said they don’t need proof but I really don’t talk to anyone. Once that was out of the way I was told that when they were pregnant they didn’t have to use the restroom as much as me and I need to limit the time I go. I’ve tried not drinking as much water as or even holding it. I am trying. Now when I go to the restroom I have to send an email when I leave and when I return. I get questioned if I’m in the restroom a couple of more minutes. She is timing me and constantly watching me. I got in trouble the other day because I didn’t send her a message saying I was back. The reason I didn’t was because I walked back with a customer and I was helping her. I even explained that to my boss and she said that it is about me following rules.

I was also written up because now I don’t know how to do my job, which is very upsetting. I’ve worked in that department for a year and a half now. All of a sudden I don’t know how to do my job? I think that is ridiculous. I know how to do my job! She is now giving me new jobs to do but explains what to do through a sticky note. Yes, a sticky note! She is unable to talk to me in person without getting upset and tightening her fist and grinding her teeth. I am doing everything she has asked me to, but she sees that I am able to complete tasks so she adds new projects. So she can make my job difficult since I can’t ask her questions. I am part of a City committee and have been asked to present awards at Council to City manager and have been denied. I needed to have training for the City outside of our department and was denied that too. I have to do a 2 day training course online in four hours. I feel like she is ashamed and doesn’t want anyone to see me. I am doing my job they say I can’t do and I am making sure I don’t do the things I was written up for, which is not hard since I never did them. I am sure I have left out offensive things she has done to me. Now I am on probation for 3 months because they have said my work is below expectation. At the end of the three months if I don’t improve I will be terminated. I know I am doing my job well and I know that what they wrote in the evaluation is not true. So I don’t know how can I improve but I do know that I will lose my job in 3 months.

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