I’ve never felt so worthless, hated, and unwanted in a work place

Well I got a full time job at the time I found out I was pregnant & waited to tell them for 2 more weeks. (I was 8 weeks). About 2-3 weeks after I was demoted from front desk assistant at a Drs Office to working in the back preparing for the next day and calling insurances. I’ve been written up twice for things that are not my fault, I have 2 coworkers that luckily are on my side and tell me these things so I don’t feel crazy. They made the demotion seem like a promotion to do therapies in the office and buttered it up really nice so I would accept my new position. It did not at all entail what was to be done. But of course they added “When your further along in your pregnancy you won’t want to travel as much, and this will be better for you and baby.” Never wrote it on paper but I made sure to write down what was verbally said.
The next right up was over “me not getting things done in a timely manner” (complete bull). And was demoted again to part time. Least that’s what was said in paper. Verbally they continued to add “It would be best for you to concentrate on your health and your baby at this point, you need time off to relax.” Who are they to decide? My Dr has not had one worry about my pregnancy. Now that I’ve been part time for two weeks I’ve never felt so worthless, hated, and unwanted in a work place. I don’t know what to do. I want to report them but I’m scared. I still need a job, my husband can’t pay for bills on his own. And I’ve been looking for a new job but no luck yet.. HELP! I want out of this hell hole!

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