Pregnant Then Screwed is a project which aims to raise awareness of pregnancy discrimination. The project is a place for women to tell their stories anonymously, giving victims a voice, while demonstrating how systemic the problem really is.

Despite discrimination against pregnant women being illegal, and organisations existing to assist victims, thousands of women suffer harassment and demotion or are pushed out of work from the point they announce that they are pregnant. It is also a shocking fact that in the US, 43% of highly qualified women with children leave their jobs.

Through our stories, we can prove this is happening and we can talk about the effect it has had on our careers, our confidence and our mental and physical health.

The founder of this project experienced horrific discrimination whilst pregnant. The experience left her acutely stressed and lacking in confidence. As she began to tell people her story, it became apparent that she wasn’t the only one. So many women have suffered and continue to suffer discrimination in a variety of ways, from the point they announce that they are pregnant. Even when there is a strong legal case, few pursue proceedings due to the enormous mental and financial stress it places on you and the baby. This means that many women endure this injustice in silence. Ultimately it can remove a highly skilled, talented woman from their chosen occupation, or worse from the work place, for good.

This project is here to expose the misogyny, the sexism, the discrimination and the regular injustice against pregnant and postpartum women in the workplace. My hope is that if enough of us tell our stories, employers and colleagues will become more aware of their own actions and the negative effect they are having on the women they employ.

You can support this project by following @pregnantscrewed on Twitter, by telling your friends and networks about us, or by posting a story.

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  • Excellent cause and I thought the discussion on BBC News this morning was fantastic. I was contacted to join the discussion but commitments meant I couldn’t. Happy to contribute in any other way I can.

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